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A super quick post today but wanted to share some interesting articles I’ve come across either directly or have been shared with me.


L’Oreal and La-Roche Posay have launched a wearable skin pH tracker designed to monitor your skin and therefore customise the recommendation of products. Scientists and dermatologists see a direct link with skin pH and skin health and therefore being able to monitor this will allow individuals to better treat their concerns.

Read the article here


I’m not ashamed to say this is my go-to for celebrity gossip but I came across this article about January detoxing and the effect this has on your face. For many a ‘detox‘ means cutting out alcohol, salt, sugar and processed foods; all the stuff you’ve been eating over the Christmas holidays. Stopping this in January means that the liver can push all this out of the body hence why people may notice breakouts: the body is purging. The solution according to the dermatologist= a sauna and a vitamin c treatment.

Now a sauna is all well and good if you belong to health club or gym that has this. If not, exercise will also help to increase the blood flow. With either of these options make sure your makeup is OFF! You don’t want that sweaty and glowy foundation are not the same thing and you don’t need that seeping into your pores, it’s only going to make things worse.

Up your water intake as this will also naturally flush out all the nasties.

Read the article here


This article is very interesting and will definitely be an opinion divider. I mean the clue’s in the title: The best skin-care trick is being rich.

Each year it’s fair to say I spend a considerable amount of money on the products I put on my face. I can do this because I have the disposable income to do it. I don’t have a mortgage, I don’t have children and am not looking to acquire either in the near future and therefore I can make that decision (let’s be clear, I’m not buying La Mer or getting botox). The article talks about advice given, where it comes from and also who it comes from, which often highlights the lack of transparency. To quote:

‘For example, in a 2016 Elle magazine article surveying 17 Victoria’s Secret models, eight of them praised lifestyle habits such as drinking water and exercising, with several more crediting low-cost fixes such as drugstore pore strips. None of them mentioned Mzia Shiman, who tends to the skin-care needs of Victoria’s Secret models. The facials at her New York spa start at $200, and more advanced services offer tightening and plumping via LED light bed or electric micro-current.’

Read the full article here

Curious to know what people think- would you wear a pH skin monitor? Have you seen more breakouts with your detox? Can you get your best skin on a budget?

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