Stress at work=stressed out skin

My last blog post was on the 25 February.

My last social media post was 17 February.

A clear sign that life off the blog was taking up more of my time than usual. Work over the past month has been a lot busier working up towards a major event and not only is that visible in the time I’ve spent on this creative project but also in my skin.

It’s been dull, dry and breakouts thrown in there too. All this can be blamed on the following:

  • Longer hours in a centrally-heated office
  • Fewer hours outside in natural daylight
  • Lack of water
  • Stress-eating: more sugar and processed foods
  • Interrupted sleep
  • More alcohol

It’s amazing how much your skin is a mirror of what’s happening both mentally and physically inside your body.

I also just got back from a weekend in Paris (with a cold) so I should also throw in red meat, millefeuille and tequila cocktails to the mix to really set my skin a challenge.

Things have started to calm down now.

I’m writing a blog post for a start, but I’m also addressing the above and choosing products which match. Apart from eating better, drinking more water and skipping happy hour, this is what I’ve been using externally to get my skin (almost) back to normal:

  • Dr Dennis Gross- Sulphuric Mask
  • Differin Retinol Gel
  • La Roche Posay- Toleriane Dermo Cleanser
  • Bioderma Sensibio Light Moisturiser
  • Biafin healing cream
  • The Ordinary- Niacinamide & Zinc

I find that when my skin is having a freak out, pairing it back as much as possible to make sure everything re-balances and risk the temptation to throw every product under the sun on to it. (Note- the above products are not thrown on my face all at once, they are targeted and alternated morning and evening)

I’ve also got back into my gym routine as exercise aids circulation and gets those toxins out and for me it also keeps me mentally on track.

Finally, I’m going to start taking probiotics again- specifically ‘acidophilus’. Gut health has been making a lot of headlines as the key to overall wellness and internal health. Whether it’s kombucha and kimchi or probiotics and apple cider vinegar- the benefits of gut health are well documented. So I feel that probiotics are the first step in getting my system back on track. I have the Acidophilus 3 billion from Holland & Barrett so interested to see how if I notice a difference.

Here’s to a stress-free, happier skin for Spring!


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