SNS Nails- is this the secret to a long-lasting manicure (without acrylic)?

First of all, I don’t see the point of getting a manicure with standard nail polish and find it a complete waste of money. Unless you do absolutely no housework, are the most light-handed person and have the most adhesive nails, normal nail varnish is just not going to go the distance.

So about 5 years ago I discovered the beauty of gel nails. The prospect of going a couple of weeks chip-free, with no drying time out of the salon is much more up my street. However, once it chips, I’m that person who sits there peeling it all off. I can’t stand chipped nails- the slightest peep of my natural nail, and the whole colour needs to come up. I find the removal process in lower-priced salons rather brutal. Those plug in buffers which scrape your nails to within an inch of their lives are horrendous. I’ve heard it referred to ‘the machine of death’ because there’s no way that thing does any good. Which may explain why recently, I can barely get through  a week without a chip happening.

I won’t lie, I’m heavy handed. My hands fumble about with bike locks, get stuck into bags, I use cleaning products (using gloves where possible, but sometimes I just get on with it) and the list goes on…

So I invested in my own gel kit, with lamp, polishes etc as it would p£$* me off no end, paying for having colour put on only for it to ruin 7 days in. But only having 2 hands, it takes time to sit down, do one hand at a time etc etc

But surely this doesn’t mean the end of nail polish for me?

And then I discovered SNS…

On a recent weekend away to Spain, I was admiring my friend Sabrina’s nails, even more so when she said she’d had the colour on FOR 3 WEEKS! Assuming she was of the light-handed variety, Sabrina assured me that she was not and that she swore on the quality of SNS nails.

I had never heard of SNS nails, but basically the colour is in powder form and it’s a ‘dipping process‘. A clear gel coat is applied and then dipped into a powder pot of whatever colour you’ve chosen. This is repeated a couple of times before a final clear coat is applied. That’s really it. It felt a lot quicker than going through the gel LED light process and was assured by the technician that it wouldn’t chip and would be much shinier than Shellac.

At first it felt like I had fake nails on because it’s much thicker than Shellac and they just feel way more sturdy. But I’m over a week in and they feel totally fine, without a single chip. I am seriously impressed.

The only part I need to find out is what happens when you want to change colour. My understanding is you don’t take off the whole thing, but just the top layer. So I’m hoping the ‘machine of death’ doesn’t come into it. But I’ll keep you updated. However….so far, SO GOOD.

If you want more information and are losing your patience with Shellac, SNS might be for you. 


(there is flash on this photo and you can see where I have a bit of regrowth but as you can see no chips and a lot of shine)

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