January Favourites

Despite the fact that everyone hates January because it’s long, I see the silver lining that it gives me more time to try out products. Sorry this isn’t bang on 31st January, my full-time job (which is not being a blogger) is pretty hectic at the moment. So here are the things that have been making January brighter, smoother, and cleaner.

Nip& Fab Glycolic Fix Pads– these are in a similar packaging to the Pixi Glow Pads and work as an exfoliating toner post cleanser. As the name suggests, they have glycolic acid as well as lactic acid and witch hazel making them good on blemishes and uneven texture. I use these when I’m looking for something stronger than the Pixi Glow Tonic. Note, they do contain alcohol as do the Pixi Pads, but if you want to skip the fragrance, Pixi could be a better bet.

By Terry Light Expert– I talked about this in my post about foundations. I loved using this over the last month, when I wanted something sheer to even out the January grey. It’s handy to carry around for a gym bag or travelling as you don’t need a sponge or brush to go with it. Do a colour check- despite having redness in my skin, the colour rosy beige works for me but I would go a shade darker in the summer.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream– for some reason I’m always sceptical of a make up brand that brings out skincare, I don’t know why? So I was expecting this to be all packaging and perfume. And yet, I’m really impressed. The texture is great for a night cream (it would be too heavy for me during the day) as it really feels hydrating and leaves skin plump. Not particularly perfumed and it has rose, aloe, and camellia flower… those are actually the only ingredients I understand off the extensive list. What I have at the moment is a luxury sample- but at a price of £70 a pop, I’m not sure I would repurchase.

Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water– I stopped using this for ages and replaced it for the La Roche Posay Toleriane Cream Cleanser, mainly because I found the Bioderma to be a bit drying on its own. However, I’ve gotten back in the habit of using the Bioderma as a makeup remover as soon as I get home or before going to the gym. It’s good for most skin types as it’s made with intolerant, reactive skins in mind and you don’t need to use water to rinse, just on a cotton pad.


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