Do beauty magazines exist?

When I was about 10 I used to read ‘Girl Talk‘. Filled to the brim with news about the Spice Girls, puppies and came with a ‘free, fabulous choker!‘. At 15 it was ‘CosmoGirl‘ telling me the magic formula of how to get a perfect Californian tan (how irresponsible) and ‘zap that zit‘. From 18 onwards it was all about Glamour & Elle and at 32, I still have a monthly subscription to Elle, which arrives right through the letterbox.

I find a little luxury in a glossy magazine and comes back to my recent post about self-care; it’s a moment for yourself either for 5 mins or a whole afternoon. My strategy to reading a magazine has always been the same: start from the back.


Because that’s where I can normally find the beauty section. I skip through the high-end fashion, flick over the dreamy travel but take a firm break on the pages dedicated to skincare, beauty trends and make-up.

And yet, I can’t seem to find a magazine that dedicates itself purely to this. I Googled it obviously and all the results showed me the magazines we see in a supermarket aisle: Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Grazia…

Does the fact that this doesn’t exist mean there’s no demand for it?

In 2017 the beauty market reportedly reached a value of $265 billion and yet beauty always features together with fashion spreads, articles and travel in a lifestyle format. Which is fine, but what if you’re looking for more? Do I really have to buy 3 magazines to get my fix?

I asked a friend this question and her blunt response was ‘print is dying‘. People get what they need instantly on web pages meaning magazines are struggling to sell issues. So perhaps my wish will never come true.

There’s not really a conclusion to this post and it’s an open-ended question to anyone reading this who may have a suggestion. But considering there are so many niche subject areas like vegan cooking, dune buggies and teddy bears, it surprises me that something like this doesn’t already exist…

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