‘Self-care is not selfish’

I read this quote today from Tamara Hill-Norton, founder of active lifestyle brand Sweaty Betty. Time and time again, it’s easy to forget to take a minute (or sixty) for yourself whether you have a demanding job, active social life, children, etc. December is a great example of this, when before you know it, Christmas parties are over, you shopped like a maniac and went back and forth to family and now you’re back at work thinking ‘where did the time go?

I’m all about the self-care and contrary to what Tamara says, so what if it is selfish? Why is that a bad thing? I’m a total people-pleaser but I also love time by myself. My husband works from time to time at the weekend, but don’t feel sorry for me, I LOVE these two days to do with as I will.

Self-care doesn’t have to be spending a lot of money on treatments or a mega-shopping spree. (It can be, and if that’s your jam- go for it)

These are my go to’s:

  • A walk outside– clears the mind, make mental lists, helps you sleep better
  • Get stuck into a book– I’m currently reading the Elena Ferrante ‘Neapolitan‘ series recommended by a friend and it is beautiful.
  • A face mask– I love anything by Fresh, Simple (great if you’re sensitive), and I also had a tester of the Zelens Transformer Instant Renewal mask and let me tell you, I WAS TRANSFORMED.
  • Podcasts– I recently got back into podcasts. I was CRYING with laughter in the street listening to the first episode. If you like something more investigative, then Teacher’s Pet is gripping.
  • A great cup of coffee or herbal tea– incredibly satisfying and perfect if you’re short of time.

You may be thinking, this isn’t really a skincare post. But for me, there is a strong correlation between my level of stress and the condition of my skin. Whenever I get stressed, my skin reacts with a delightful eruption and I have a lot of redness in my skin so there’s no hiding that Mount Etna. So with a breakout, I then get more stressed and it becomes a vicious cycle. The above things work really well in keeping me calm, releasing all that good seratonin (the happy chemical) and combating any feelings of stress (combined with my favourite skincare!).

Happy Friday!

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