Skincare Sales

Apart from being the longest month, January also brings in it some welcome sales shopping. As you can imagine, I skip the clothes sales because the thought of rummaging through over-crowded racks and lining up at a till, only to eventually bring it back because even though it cost £10, that yellow jumper will go with nothing, brings me out in hives. Now a sale in the beauty aisles is a much calmer experience, particularly as it’s the only time I consider online shopping acceptable.

So I thought I would pick out the ‘best in show’ sale options on some of the top sites.

Space NK

Starting with the mothership.

By Terry Gem Glow Brightening CC Serum Set

By Terry first hit the UK while I was working at Space NK. Founded by Terry de Gunzburg (creator of YSL’s Touche Eclat) she started the range with the Light Expert- a click brush concealer/foundation/glow-giver and another cult product is the Baume de Rose (divine). Now, there is skincare, make up, brushes, the whole shebang.

With By Terry, think Parisian chic, less is more and ‘lit from within’. These mini serums come in 3 colours (rose, apricot, bronze) and can be worn alone on the skin, before foundation, or mixed with your base. To be honest you could also put a few drops on the eyelid as a subtle, luminous eye shadow. Despite looking like make up they are considered skincare. The serums contain pearl extracts to give light, evens out skin tone and lightly exfoliates. By Terry products also smell divine!

Worth a whopping £91 it’s 2/3 off at £32.50.

Eve Lom Simply Radiant Gift Set

Eve Lom is a pioneer of the balm cleanser with the hot muslin cloth method. Using it for the first time was a serious lesson in deep cleansing. One pot will last you a good 6 months, so despite the price tag, it’s better value than many other ‘luxury’ cleansers. This gift set would be great for travel and includes the cleanser (not the 6-month size), Radiance Face Oil, Radiance Face Mist, and Radiance Lift Cream. To summarise: there’s a lot of radiance going on. It’s good for purifying, deep cleansing and calming the skin with eucalyptus, cloves, hops and Egyptian chamomile oils. I will say, the cleanser does contain mineral oil which is a by-product of petroleum. There’s a lot of controversy around this so you can make your mind up.

A lovely set at £32.50 but worth £63.


Lumene Nordic C (Valo) Gift Set

I have heard a lot of lovely things about Lumene- this Finnish brand gets its inspiration and ingredients from nature and often refers to the ‘Nordic Herbarium’. I have yet to try anything from them, so this set would be a great intro, especially as it focuses on ingredient du jour: vitamin C. Vitamin C is great for brightening, boosts collagen production and as its an antioxidant, it will fight against UV damage and free radicals. Boom!

This set includes the Glow Boost Essence, Glow Reveal Moisturiser, and Overnight Bright Sleeping Cream. I love the concept of an essence, if you’re dry you could use this pre-serum, or instead of serum before moisturiser. With this set I assume: Essence + Moisturiser in the AM and Essence + Sleeping Cream in the PM. Cloudberry is a key ingredient- they contain twice the amount of Vitamin C in 100g than oranges and can survive up to -40 degrees with minimal light during the winter.

Cost: £29.50

Cult Beauty

So I have literally just scrolled through all of Cult Beauty’s sale section and asked out loud: ‘That’s it?!‘ There just isn’t anything that made me squeal. (squeal probably isn’t the most appropriate word but anyway…) There’s more makeup and fragrance than skincare and I couldn’t even filter skincare so SHOCKINGLY there is nothing I would get from this sale!

For starters there are 19 PAGES OF SALE ITEMS- how can I possibly get through this (and that’s skincare alone)? Minimising screen time was something I wanted to work on in 2019, so to save myself a prescription update on my glasses I selected brands that I haven’t extensively tried but have heard good things.

Omorovicza Christmas Intro Gift Set

This brand is based on using thermal waters from Hungary. Hungary gained traditional hammams from the Ottoman Empire thousands of years ago which were built on hot springs. The Omorovicza family has actually been in the business since the 1800s but opened a bricks and mortar store in 2006. Hungary has a special place in my heart, I lived in Budapest when I was a child and planning to travel there this year (and to add an Omorovicza facial to the list of favourites). I’ve used the Queen of Hungary mist (which I like more than the Caudalie Beauty Elixir) so this Christmas intro gift set is the perfect way to try their other cult products: Thermal cleansing balm, deep cleansing mask, cleansing foam, elemental emulsion and Queen of Hungary mist.

Admittedly I cheated here, as this is not technically a sale item but it’s 30% off (£45.50).

Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant (Trial Size 30ml)

I have a friend whose whole routine is Paula’s Choice and she swears by it. I love a liquid exfoliant over a physical scrub- acids just work well for me, so I’m keen to try this. As it’s also a trial size 30ml, for £6.80 it’s also not breaking the bank (another January concern for a lot of people). Paula is Paula Begoun, who having struggled with bad skin herself, took research into her own hands about what was in beauty products. The brand is based on finding your best skin and avoiding irritation at all costs, which is something I can really get behind. They also have a 30-day money back guarantee, which really means they believe in the efficacy of the products.

The BHA liquid is full of salicylic acid, which is one of the best ingredients for getting rid of dead skin cells (making it very effective in treating spots- rather than acne). This promises to improve texture, reduce redness and really clear skin deep into the pores (how satisfying). It’s 100% fragrance free (choir rejoices) and no alcohol. I would only use a liquid exfoliant at night followed by moisturiser. You should definitely be using an SPF during the day when using this and if you haven’t yet popped your liquid exfoliant cherry- start slowly, once a week and build up tolerance.

So there are my sale selections. There is definitely a theme of radiance and glowing in the products I’ve selected which post festivities, is what we’re all lacking so I will report back. Let me know what was on your skincare sale lists!

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