Why start a blog now?

About a week and a half ago as I sat in a hotel room on a work trip, my colleague turned to me and said ‘products are really your passion, aren’t they?’. It’s worth noting that as she asked me this I was sitting there with a sheet mask plastered to my face.

She isn’t wrong, nor is this the first time someone has commented on my extensive routines. I am passionate about beauty products and have been for the last decade.

While my friends were still using shop-brand face wipes in our early twenties, I was on the balm cleanser and steaming it off with a muslin cloth.

Why? I have a lot to thank SpaceNK for. As an impoverished student in London, a part-time job seemed a logical option and so every Friday and Saturday, I entered into a luxury world of product heaven. It was like that ‘Friends‘ episode where Rachel gets the interview at Saks Fifth Avenue and Phoebe says ‘it’s like the mother ship is calling her home!’.

I didn’t know my hyaluronic acid from my retinol but I learned fast. I was meeting brand founders, world-class make-up artists and getting to test everything along the way without my bank account suffering (too much). In short, I was hooked.

So why write a blog now?

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, the views expressed are from my own personal experience and this is not my day job.

This is a creative outlet, to have a voice and share my passion.


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